Steve is the founder of PROTECTION USA as well as a former Navy veteran who logged over 1,000 Naval flight hours. Steve has been in the financial services industry since early May, 2000. Steve has been working with individuals, families and businesses throughout the United States.

Any advisor associated with PROTECTION USA will have worn a US Military uniform at some point in their life or is part of a military family.  It is my belief  that we all took an OATH: "to defend the US Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic" therefore our military training allows veterans the ability to help you understand how to avoid financial concerns like: market risks, tax risks, capital risks and health risks. As all US military veterans would ready themselves to do battle, the new mission as financial advisors is to ready our clients to PROTECT their financial well being against health and financial risks. 

As an advisor, I hold various professional designations and qualifications. I am licensed to offer insurance products and as a registered representative and investment adviser representative, I offer a variety of investment products. I educate people so they can make a financial decision from a well informed position.

PROTECTION USA believes in helping people and developing lasting relationships with clients, their families and friends. I believe in helping people examine personal financial goals and participate in the management of their finances through education and an ongoing coaching process. In the military we called this OJT or on the job training.

One of the benefits of working with PROTECTION USA is the personalized programs that provide clear and easy to understand explanations of various financial products and services. In the military we would say "break it down to simple". The personalized programs that are provided are roadmaps for working toward a more successful financial future.

Steve has been involved in the financial services industry since May of 2000. He has built a network with many other professionals to help his clients in all areas of finance, estate and tax planning as well as P&C needs in all lines. The help is here all you need to do is just ask!


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